Monday, May 2, 2011

What's So Funny?

Spanish class is going much better. Bean is still himself, but with the other kids having meltdowns, running out the room, and doing all sorts of other things- it's really not that bad.

Right now we are watching Padrinos Magicos, or Fairly Odd Parents on Antena Latina. We don't have cable, but we can stream the station from our Roku player. You have to be careful with this channel though because sometimes there is some questionable content during daytime hours.

I wish I could find this show on DVD because Bean is laughing hysterically. The Fairly Odd Parents DVD's on Amazon only have an English soundtrack so that's too bad. It's just funny watching him laugh because there is no way he could understand what is going on. I'd really like to know what is so funny.

As for progress, there are some things that Bean only responds to in Spanish, and some things he only responds to in English. That makes perfect sense, so I guess that means everything is going well.