Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Free Spanish Shows For Kids

I've been checking out a lot of children's materials from the library. They have a nice little selection of Spanish-only and bilingual books, as well as DVD's and CD's. I must say that for the most part I've been disappointed with the DVD's.

I think they'd be great for an older child who is just being introduced to a new language; but for our purposes, I don't like how many of these DVD's translate everything. They say a sentence in English and then they say it in Spanish and it goes back and fourth. Not only is it boring to watch, but it's really not necessary. If you just watch it, you can tell what is going on without the translations.

I prefer materials that are solamente en espaƱol. So I decided to get on Amazon and see if they had anything I we could watch on Demand via our Roku. I was pleasantly surprised when I found episodes of Sesame Street in Spanish- for free. It's actually Sesame Street, not Plaza Sesamo. You can get the episodes here.

If you don't have a Roku, you can still watch them online or download them to your PC. Too bad they don't allow people with Macs to download the episodes.


  1. Thanks for the resource. I wasn't ware that amazon had instant video. And, it looks like some is free. Thanks. Now I don't feel so bad about cancelling my Netflix.

  2. Amazon video on demand is great for some stuff, but I rarely purchase because I have Netflix and Hulu. We don't have cable anymore so it's nice to have access to certain things.

  3. Consider yourself lucky for having access to so many Spanish materials here in the US. As German-speakers, we are not so lucky. Hardly a book to be found at the library. And ordering anything online can cost a fortune in shipping. The one DVD I found that I absolutely love is a Scholastic production of Eric Carle stories in German. I wouldn't be surprised if you could find it in Spanish, too!
    I also have to say, I feel so technologically challenged when I read your posts! :) I'm just not up on all the things that are available out there!

  4. Yes, we are really lucky to have so many resources. Not just learning materials, but also native speakers. I applaud parents for sticking to a language where there are not so many readily available resources.

    As for feeling technologically challenged...lol. I forget that everyone does not have a Roku. Basically it's a little box we use to stream content from the internet to our TV. It has different "channels" like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, News, Music, etc. Some of the channels are free, and some have a fee associated with it.