Monday, April 18, 2011

Spanish Class With Bean (No Me Gusta)

Bean and I had our first Spanish class last week. I can't really say that I am looking forward to the next class, but it's not because of the class itself.

My first issue is that it's about an hour away. I knew this, and I didn't think it was going to be a big deal because I figured Bean would sleep in the car since it would be his nap time. Well, he didn't sleep in the car, but he was sleepy, so that was a very long ride.

Then we get to this class, and he is just being loud...really loud. Now I shouldn't have been surprised because I always call him my little fuss box, but it's different when you are in public. He wasn't crying, and that's a plus, but he was just "talking" in a very loud voice. Everyone else was quiet and he was just babbling away. I felt like all eyes were on us.

Then he didn't want to put the toys away, and I didn't really blame him. He was sitting there, just fine, holding that maraca. He was quiet, not bothering a soul. Class wasn't over, so why did she come around in the middle of the class and have everyone put their toy in a basket? Is this some sort of conditioning exercise? *gives side eye*

However, he kept the maraca until I was able to sneak it away. But there was another "here's a toy, now I take it away" exercise that did not go over too well.

So I don't know, it was just too stressful for me. I can't even comment on the Spanish aspects right now because that's all I can think about. But on a positive note, it's always good to increase the amount of language exposure....I guess.

¿Cuántas clases más?

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  1. Well, I say maybe try again….just to see if the next session is better for Bean.
    But, if it goes the same then it is okay to decide not to take a class right now. The structure of a class room setting is not always the best.
    Maybe a year or two from now Bean won’t mind being still and quiet so much, but I don’t see the benefit in forcing this.
    Sorry to hear about the frustration. This may just be the excess energy he has as a boy.
    And, you guys can still study or do lessons at home. Or watch YouTube videos in Spanish. One that my kids are learning is “Los pollitos dicen”